Hally Jo’s Corner Café (Deep River, CT, U.S.A.)

Recently, my bias toward diners has been coming through a bit too much on this blog–and this article is no exception. I promise a greater variety of restaurants in the future, but for today, get ready to brunch! A few days before New Year’s, I found myself driving midmorning through Deep River, Connecticut. I heard some good things about Hally Jo’s Corner Café. On December 27, I gave it a try.

Deep River is a part of the “Tri-Town Area,” composed of three small towns in Connecticut: Chester, Deep River, and Essex. My significant other, Ms. R, had never before spent time in Connecticut, and I made sure to show her the natural beauty of the Tri-Town Area. There are so many idyllic scenes that could have been lifted straight from a post card.

While the menu at Hally Jo’s had a number of options, we both ended up intrigued by the specials menu. Ms. R ordered a prosciutto, egg, and provolone wrap with home fries. I ordered the scrambled mix with kielbasa, peppers, potatoes, onions, cheddar, with toast. Coffee was available, but we declined.

IMG_8703 lq

Hally Jo’s seems to be “the spot” for many locals in the morning. Our server–who also worked as the baker and the cashier–greeted many of the other customers with their first names. We noticed that the crowd was exclusively men, until the very end of our meal when a few women in a group arrived.

IMG_8699 lq

When our food arrived, we were impressed with the portion sizes. Sadly the waiter had some bad news about Ms. R’s order: the kitchen had run out of prosciutto, but ham could be used instead. While she enjoyed her meal, Ms. R commented that prosciutto would have really tied the dish together. While I enjoyed what I ordered, it was served warm instead of served hot. It was still good, but I wish it had been heated more.

Hally Jo’s Corner Café is a cute local establishment at the heart of the Tri-Town Area. I would certainly not make a long trip to return to the restaurant, but it made for a pleasant morning brunch. As the menus have standard diner fare, I recommend looking at the specials board to find some unique dishes.

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Name: Hally Jo’s Corner Café
Website https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hally-Jos/405830592761010
Phone +1 (860) 526-8838

Credit Cards? Yes
Apple Pay [?]? No
Bathroom? Yes
Reservations?  No
Take out? Yes
Delivery? No
Wifi? No
Outside seating? Yes
Wheelchair friendly? Yes
Alcohol? No
Dogs allowed? ???
Bike parking? Yes
Car parking? Yes

Date night? No
English-speaking staff? Yes
English menus? Yes
LGBTQ friendly [?]? Yes
Information updated on: March 11, 2018
Prices [?]: $ $ $ $

Monday: 05:30 – 14:00
Tuesday: 05:30 – 14:00
Wednesday: 05:30 – 14:00
Thursday: 05:30 – 14:00
Friday: 05:30 – 14:00
Saturday: 05:30 – 14:00
Sunday: 05:30 – 13:00

Address (Korean) Not available
Address (English) 165 Main Street, Deep River, CT 06417 U.S.A.