Food blogging during COVID-19

I know that my last article was posted all the way back in December 2019. Although I intended to post more frequently since then, life got in the way. I got a new job and moved, then COVID-19 began ravaging the United States. Here’s how things have been.

At first, I wanted to write about the restaurants from which I was ordering takeout food, but I soon decided against doing so. To begin with, from the time the food leaves the restaurant and arrives at my house (not to mention when the food is being packaged), many factors can impact the final product that are not the fault of the restaurant itself. Not to mention that I would be totally unable to write about the atmosphere of the restaurant, as well. I would feel bad writing a post that potentially unfairly criticizes a local eatery on factors beyond their control.

I am very concerned that many restaurants will have to close their doors permanently, even if a COVID-19 vaccine were to debut tomorrow. Given the small profit margin that is typical of restaurants, state lockdown orders (the necessity of which is beyond debate) can be a death knell for this sort of business plan. Although my significant other and I enjoy cooking, we have tried to order takeout at least once a week to show support for struggling local businesses.

Given my girlfriend and I have been cooking a lot during this time, I briefly considered writing about recipes we liked (or disliked!) making. I quickly rejected this as well. Although I enjoy reading many cooking blogs, I do not find writing about recipes to be interesting. As I don’t want to blog out of a feeling of obligation, I quickly vetoed this idea.

For those reading this blog outside of the United States, you may be interested to know that due to COVID-19 several household items became difficult to obtain. Luckily, things seem to be back to normal now, but it was an odd experience. For a while there was a quarantine-inspired baking trend, which led to items such as flour and yeast to be sold out. My girlfriend, who wanted to bake focaccia and Tollhouse pie, was most irritated. It goes without saying that masks, hand sanitizer, and soap went through shortages, but oddly enough so did toilet paper. I still do not understand why this happened – diarrhea is not a symptom of COVID-19.

From a personal perspective, not all was bad during the lockdown. I found working from home to be relaxing, and I hope to do more of it even after a COVID-19 vaccine is produced. I enjoyed spending time with my family. My girlfriend and I managed to catch up on our “to see” list, watching all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (except for 2008’s The Incredible Hulk), all episodes of The Office (both the U.S. and U.K. versions), and we just started watching classic The Simpsons episodes.

I want to be clear: COVID-19 is a serious disease and has disastrous ramifications for many people. At the time of posting this article, 194,000+ people have died from it in the United States alone. While I have my complaints, my loved ones and I have gotten off relatively easily. I do not usually talk about politics on Masjib Mania, but I feel compelled to end this article by saying that a good amount of this suffering could have been prevented had the current presidential administration reacted more quickly. It goes without saying that I hope the United States has a new president by this time next year, and that an effective vaccine is rolled out as soon as possible.

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