Dunkin’ Donuts (West Main Street, Cheshire, CT, U.S.A.)

In the United States, a bitter rivalry exists: Starbucks vs. Dunkin’ Donuts. Fans of Dunkin’ Donuts point to Dunkin’ Donuts’ affordability (and its donuts). Fans of Starbucks argue that Starbucks cafés have nicer atmospheres. Dunkin’ Donuts offers fun, sweet treats, whereas Starbucks caters to a more hipster, selective crowd. Although I like both, I am solidly on #TeamDD, and my December 31 trip to the Dunkin’ Donuts 461 West Main Street branch in Cheshire, CT showed why.Read More »

Ddalgigol, Sinchon

On December 20, I went to Ddalgigol, a small Korean restaurant in Sinchon. It is near the international student dormitories of Yonsei University, across the street from Ewha Womans University. A lot of college students come to the restaurant in search of affordable, tasty meals. They are not disappointed!

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