Gusto Taco, Sangsu-dong

Gusto Taco is not a new restaurant, nor is it one without a plethora of other reviews. In fact, it has been so successful that it has expanded from its original location near Sangsu Staton (상수역) to a Hongdae (홍대) location and a branch in the U.S. Yongsan army base. I made the decision to cover this restaurant for one reason: Gusto Taco is one of my favorite restaurants in Seoul. On February 27, I returned with a friend for dinner.Read More »

Seven Luck Casino, Gangnam

Connecticut, USA is home to two of the world’s biggest casinos: Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods. These two casinos featured not only gambling, but also restaurants, shops, concerts, and athletic events. When two of my hometown friends visited me for Chuseok vacation, one of them really wanted to go gambling. Not enjoying gambling, I pushed back on his requests until the last day of their trip, when I realized that it would be very interesting to blog about. Therefore, on October 8, we went to the Seven Luck Casino in Gangnam.Read More »

El Pino323, Itaewon

I love Mexican food. Whether it’s authentic, Tex-Mex, or some other type of fusion, I cannot get enough. When a friend from the U.S. with Mexican roots told me about an authentic Mexican restaurant in Seoul, I was understandably intrigued. While Korea has some good Mexican-style food, it generally strays pretty far from traditional Mexican cuisine. On January 14, we checked out El Pino323.Read More »

Rosehill Grill, Gangnam

Every once in a while, eating at fancy restaurants can be an expensive way to enjoy a special time. While I have enjoyed reviewing restaurants in Korea, I noticed my writing was lacking in two categories: traditional Korean food and upscale establishments. In one fell swoop, I decided to rectify the situation by going to Rosehill Grill. On March 9, I went there and enjoyed a delicious lunch.Read More »

Just BLT, Haebangchon

I love a good sandwich. Whenever I have a full day ahead of me, packing a sandwich is my surefire way to ensure a solid lunch. After I first moved to Korea, I was a little sad to find out that sandwiches, while certainly available, are notably less popular than in the United States. However, after a boom in popularity surrounding Subway restaurants, I’ve seen more buzz around sandwich shops in Seoul. On January 13, I checked out Just BLT with some friends.Read More »

GS25 – Butter Latte

In early June, I was on my way to meet my significant other in Ichon Station (이촌역) so we could head out for a trip to Daebudo Island. My transfer point was Dongjak Station (동작역) and, being late, I had not yet eaten breakfast. I stopped by a GS25 convenience store to grab a quick bite. I paused by the dairy section, as I had my eyes on an item I had never seen before: GS25’s Butter Latte beverage. Here is its story.Read More »

OK Burger, Yeouido

Yeouido might be known for having the (formerly) tallest building in Korea, the National Legislature, and cherry blossoms, but not for the outstanding food. However, legislators and businesspeople have to eat too. On June 25, some friends and I found our way over to the surprisingly satisfying OK Burger in Yeouido.Read More »

The Pizza Boyz, Hapjung

Korean pizza is a hotly debated topic amongst Western expats living in South Korea. Korean pizza usually is sprinkled with all sorts of toppings, from bulgogi beef, sweet potato paste, French fries, shrimp, to, most controversially, kernels of corn. I hail from Connecticut, home of the United States’ top ranked pizza, but I have a soft side for Korean pizza. When a friend from New York City was in town, I made sure that she tried some Korean pizza. On June 19, we tried The Pizza Boyz in Hapjung.
Read More »

Little Cuba, Sinchon

While many yangsik (Western food) restaurants are tucked away in Itaewon, it is possible to find good yangsik in other corners of Seoul. When I first returned to Seoul, I accidentally stumbled upon Little Cuba in an alleyway of Sinchon nearly three years ago. I was incredibly saddened when I learned that they closed their doors in April of this year.Read More »