Denny’s (Westbrook, CT, U.S.A.)

As many teenagers growing up in small towns know, late night food options aren’t all that plentiful. On late nights with my friends in Old Saybrook, we had a choice between the McDonalds drive-thru, a Dunkin’ Donuts, a gas station convenience store, and a Denny’s outside of the town lines. While Denny’s is not necessarily a local establishment, there was one item from my childhood that I wanted to review for this website. On December 26, I stopped by the Westbrook branch of Denny’s.Read More »

Dom’s Broad Street Eatery (Windsor, CT, U.S.A.)

In the past, I’ve written about the restaurant options in Windsor, Connecticut:

When I was in high school, there were four restaurants within walking distance: The Whistle Stop Café, Windsor 75 Diner, Giovanni’s Restaurant, and Union Street Tavern.

However, I was wrong: there were five. I forgot to mention Dom’s Broad Street Eatery, a local brunch restaurant. I decided to rectify this by visiting on December 29.Read More »

Pizzaworks (Old Saybrook, CT, U.S.A.)

Many children all around the world find trains to be interesting without parallel. When I was younger, I was far from an exception. Something about the size, power, and efficiency of trains always fascinated me. As a result, the train-themed restaurant Pizzaworks in Old Saybrook was always a favorite stop for me as a child. I returned on December 28 to see how it was doing.Read More »

Alforno (Old Saybrook, CT, U.S.A.)

As I have written about before, Connecticut has the best pizza in the United States. New Haven style pizza is loved by locals and tourists alike for its brick oven, thin crust, oblong-shaped, slightly-charred style. While Pepe’s Pizza in New Haven is usually the top ranked, there is another place I prefer: Alforno Ristorante in Old Saybrook, Connecticut. On December 30, I visited with my mother and my father.Read More »

OK Burger, Yeouido

Yeouido might be known for having the (formerly) tallest building in Korea, the National Legislature, and cherry blossoms, but not for the outstanding food. However, legislators and businesspeople have to eat too. On June 25, some friends and I found our way over to the surprisingly satisfying OK Burger in Yeouido.Read More »

Union Street Tavern (Windsor, CT, U.S.A.)

When I was in high school, there were four restaurants within walking distance: The Whistle Stop Café, Windsor 75 Diner, Giovanni’s Restaurant, and Union Street Tavern. Sadly, The Whistle Stop Café and Windsor 75 Diner both have closed down. Giovanni’s is so horrendously bad that it barely deserves a mention. I revisited The Tavern in Windsor, CT with an old high school friend on December 30.Read More »

Dunkin’ Donuts (South Main Street, Cheshire, CT, U.S.A.)

I have written about the Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks rivalry before:

In the United States, a bitter rivalry exists: Starbucks vs. Dunkin’ Donuts. Fans of Dunkin’ Donuts point to Dunkin’ Donuts’ affordability (and its donuts). Fans of Starbucks argue that Starbucks cafés have nicer atmospheres.

I love Dunkin’ Donuts, but the atmosphere of many Dunkin’ Donuts’ branches are simply bland and uninteresting. However, Dunkin’ Donuts’ 1021 South Main Street branch in Cheshire, Connecticut is cute and cozy. I visited with friends on December 29th.Read More »

The Pizza Boyz, Hapjung

Korean pizza is a hotly debated topic amongst Western expats living in South Korea. Korean pizza usually is sprinkled with all sorts of toppings, from bulgogi beef, sweet potato paste, French fries, shrimp, to, most controversially, kernels of corn. I hail from Connecticut, home of the United States’ top ranked pizza, but I have a soft side for Korean pizza. When a friend from New York City was in town, I made sure that she tried some Korean pizza. On June 19, we tried The Pizza Boyz in Hapjung.
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